Theatre: Snow White Variety Show Interviews

Melanie Montesino

Hardest part was learning how to be quite backstage,no it was line mesmerizing lines,especially larger parts.
It was an awesome experience totally worth the effort.
I am going to do cast.
It wasn’t that hard for me.
I was in rehearsal,but the adrenaline kicks in on performance days and you get nervous-excited

Laichia Vang

Any Pros and cons?
Pros – helps with public speaking, meet great people, confidence growth, it’s fun
Cons – not many but takes a lot of your time
What was the hardest part of the play?
Having to deal with annoying people
Would you say that this Was this the best play so far?
It’s good, though it’s not my favorite. I’d say the musicals are the best.
Any comments on/for the play?
Come watch Fatbottom Jones in February!
If you could change something about the play what would you change?
People to be louder.
Are you going to do cast or crew next play?
Was it hard to memorize your lines?
Not at all if you kept trying and trying.
Were you shy to be on stage?
Nope, being on stage is the best part.


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