Sporty- Try sporty with a twist. Shiny fabrics, girly hues, and bold prints.

Western- Channel your in western style with suede and fringe.

Pastel- Pastel are coming to fall! Sugary sweet shades are so happy looking with cozy knits and wool jackets. Pair them with dark shades for a cool contrast.

Shine- Metallic are in fall keep it casual by shiny threads with a fashion-y look.

Plaid- Plaid is getting upgraded. Try it in pastels, sheer, or mixed with other prints for a fresh spin.

Kitchy prints- Quirky graphic prints make any outfit fun!

Romantic Grunge- 90’s grunge system turns femme with floral prints and fun shapes.

Rams wear- Tell us who you vote wears the most RAMS gear or wears it the best.


Important remiders

Money must be deposited in the main office before before 10:00 am to be credited to your account for that day.

Make sure you have two lock for school. If you have lost a lock you can purchase one from the activities office.

Remember to purchase your yearbook.

Phones are prohibited from school.

There newspaper is looking for artists to be part of the newspaper comics.

Any questions? Email us for the advice column.


Meal prices

Breakfast $1.90 Lunch $2.90 Milk $0.50
Free for free and reduced lunch.


Remember no food for birthdays in class.

Our lunch website has a new app called Web menus.


Pomodoro method of studying is one most proficient way of studying.

Use Google scholar for essays, it has more resourceful information.

When studying an incentive to make studying fun!

When you finish a essay copy and paste it into google translate and listen to it. Easiest way to find mistakes.

Chewing gum the same flavor as you did when studying will improve memory.


Next year we will have columns on

-Students of the month
-Questions (Ask Hannah)
-Rams wear
-Upcoming tests
-Fresh kicks (shoes)
-Important reminders
-Positive Affrimations
-School lunch